Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekly Schedule for Week of February 27-March 4

Weekly schedule for next week


(Y) - Will Attend
(P) - Probably Attending
(M) - Might Attend
(D) - Doubtful To Attend
(N) - Not Attending (only in exceptional cases)

Monday, February 27:

9:00 PM: Women's Basketball vs. Notre Dame (N) I wouldn't get back until at least midnight and I have class the next morning. It just wouldn't work.

Wednesday, February 29:

3:00 PM: Women's Lacrosse vs. Boston College (Y) Might be a little late, but I doubt it. Also, snow is forecast for Wednesday afternoon, so this game might not be played. If it is, I'll be there. 

Friday, March 2:

7:05 PM: Men's Ice Hockey vs. Canisius AHA First Round Game 1 (Y) I'll have to check on the time

Saturday, March 3:

12:00 PM: Men's Basketball vs. Pittsburgh (Y)
7:05 PM: Men's Ice Hockey vs. Canisius AHA First Round Game 2 (Y) I'll need to verify the time. I will attend unless it conflicts with basketball.

Sunday, March 4:

7:05 PM: Men's Ice Hockey vs. Canisius AHA First Round Game 3 (Y) Again, I'll need to verify the time. Also, this game will only be played if the series is tied 1-1 after two games. Obviously, if there's no game, I don't attend it.

Game 2-17-85: Men's Basketball vs. Syracuse (and Gameday)

This post is in two parts, the first is about College Gameday and the second is about the game.

What: College GameDay on ESPN
When: Saturday, February 25th, 10 AM
Where: Gampel Pavilion
Result: N/A

I arrived at 7:30 and worried I'd be far back on line. I wound up sitting with a friend a few rows up in the top level, but close to center. This of course, meant I would not be on TV, but I didn't mind. Anyway, this was somewhat interesting. It's kind of hard to summarize though if you didn't see the show. They had giveaways before and after, but I didn't win anything. And of course, we got to watch the show. It was awesome, but I really have nothing to say about it.

What: Men's Basketball vs. Syracuse
When: Saurday, February 25th, 9 PM
Where: Gampel Pavilion
Result: Loss, 71-69

Well, this was disappointing. We trailed by 17 points in the first half, and it looked over. Fortunately we managed to come back. You could literally feel the bleachers shaking when we hit a game-tying shot late. Alas, it was not meant to be. After the score bounced around a few times, the Orange went up 71-69. We inbounded it and called timeout. So we inbounded it again with 5.4 seconds left. But then we couldn't even get a shot off until after the buzzer went off. Truly pathetic. There is no excuse for this loss. Still, we sort of came together towards the end and just couldn't finish. Or Syracuse collapsed at the end and we almost got lucky. Take your pick. Anyway, I have a lot of family who went to SU and/or live in Syracuse, so now I'm going to have to endure them for the next year. But we'll face the Orange again next year, unless they jump to the ACC, and that won't happen yet most likely. So I'll have a couple more chances to watch the Huskies beat the Orange. For now though, I am 1-3 in UConn-Syracuse games, the one win coming in a women's basketball game on Senior Night last year. Let's look at some other teams the Huskies have struggled against when I go:

Boston University: 1-3 (Men's Soccer, Women's Ice Hockey, Softball)
Notre Dame: 1-2-2 (Women's Soccer, Men's Soccer, Women's Basketball, Men's Basketball)
Northeastern: 0-1-1 (Women's Ice Hockey)
Robert Morris: 0-2 (Men's Ice Hockey)

Of all the teams I have seen in multiple sports, the teams we have the worst winning percentage against are Syracuse and BU. We host the Orange in women's lacrosse March 24th, and I will probably be at that game. We also play three softball games against the Orange April 28-29. So there is still time for me to turn around the Orange Curse this year. But obviously, basketball is the biggest sport for 'Cuse games.

Game 2-16-84: Women's Lacrosse vs. Quinnipiac

Note: Info on College Gameday will be included in the post about the Syracuse basketball game, to be released soon

What: Women's Lacrosse vs. Quinnipiac
When: Saturday, February 25th, 2012, 1:00 PM
Where: George J. Sherman Family Sports Complex
Result: Win, 18-6

The Bobcats lost 18-6 to
the Huskies, who looked
far superior. 
I'd never been to a women's lacrosse game before Saturday. I'd always found a reason not to go to the couple game I would have been able to go to. But Saturday, I went. I got out of Gameday at noon, ate lunch at the Student Union, and walked across the street to Sherman to watch lacrosse. There were about 17 minutes until starting time when I got there.

Well, I had no idea what to expect and honestly didn't know what was going on half the time. But we won 18-6, behind six goals from M.E. Lapham, which is good. We are now 2-0 on the season. One thing about the game - it was very windy. 50 mile per hour gusts blowing from north to south appeared to fluster whichever goalie happened to be at that end. That's how we wound up 11-1at halftime. But then Quinnipiac only was outscored 7-5 in the second half. The wind.

There was also some man up in the bleachers with a microphone making sound effects. I didn't know you could do that. I believe he's a parent or something, but I'm not certain. In any case, if you happen to be reading this, post here and let us know. You're awesome. Well, at least we won this game. The same cannot be said about the Syracuse game. Watch for the post on that in a few minutes.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Game 2-15-83: Women's Basketball vs. St. John's

What: Women's Basketball vs. St. John's
Where: Gampel Pavilion
When: Saturday, February 18, 7:00 PM
Result: Loss, 55-54

This was the Senior Night game, and Tiffany Hayes was honored before the game along with eight student managers. Which begs the question - why do they have eight senior student managers? Were they all freshmen together? Will we have all eight new student managers next year? Or do we also have eight managers from all other classes, for a grand total of 32? And if so, WHY? I don't know. Seems strange.

Jubilation for the Red Storm but
disappointment for the Huskies.
But the real shock was the game. St. John's played well throughout, keeping it close, and led 34-32 at halftime. The fans were in shock. Could we lose at home, and to St. John's nonetheless? Well, we did. It was 54-52 late. St. John's had the ball off a timeout. They inbounded it, kicked it out for a three, and made it! 55-54, UConn women losing at home. Whoah. An the arena was stunned. About 5 seconds left. We got it down the court, and kicked it out for a three, which we missed. We probably didn't get it off in time anyway. But it doesn't matter.

Well, this is disappointing. You've got to feel sorry for Tiffany Hayes. She never lost at home. And on Senior Night, she did. Well, I sort of predicted this. When I looked at the schedule before the season, I thought we would lose on Senior Night. Of course, I thought the Notre Dame game in Hartford next week was Senior Night. But I was still right (sort of). Meh. Not happy about it.

So, it was an 0-4 weekend in games I was at. Pretty bad. But I did manage to attend three games in one day, something I haven't done before.

Game 2-14-82: Women's Ice Hockey vs. Boston University

These four reviews will be a bit short because I'm busy with midterms. 

What: Women's Ice Hockey vs. Boston University
Where: Mark Edward Frietas Ice Forum
When: Saturday, February 18, 2012, 2:00 PM
Result: Loss 3-2 (OT)

Right after getting off the bus back from XL, I headed over to Frietas to catch the remainder of this one. As I walked by Sherman, I heard them announce the final of women's lacrosse - we beat Iona 10-7. Well, that was the bright spot this weekend. The only bright spot.

When I got to this game, there were 15 minutes left in the second period, and it was 1-1. I don't usually arrive at games already in progress, but when I do, I'll count them if I got there before the halfway point (10 minutes of second period). I did, so this counts as a game in the log. Anyway, it was Senior Day, although I missed the ceremonies. Shortly after I got there, we got a goal to go up 2-1. We were playing the best hockey we had all season. It looked good for us. BU is the 10th best team in the country. Could we pull off the upset?

Alas, no. BU got an equalizer and another goal in overtime and won 3-2. Yet another loss for the Huskies when I was there. Well, in order to make the Hockey East Tournament, we need to beat BU on the road today and New Hampshire needs to lose. I wouldn't count on it. But let's hope for it.

But as you'll see, the real shock was yet to come.

Game 2-13-81: Men's Basketball vs. Marquette

I'm keeping this post short because I'm busy with midterms. Starting with Gameday, I'll be able to say a lot more.

What: Men's Basketball vs. Marquette
Where: XL Center
When: Saturday, February 18, 12:00 PM
Result: Loss, 79-64

Really disappointing loss for the Huskies. I was sort of expecting it, but it still hurt. Our defense looked absolutely pathetic, and really, we're lucky it wasn't worse. We were missing shot after shot while letting the Golden Eagles get back in transition and make baskets. No excuse. No excuse whatsoever.

This was the second of four games I saw this weekend, all losses. Just terrible. I can't believe it. And it was the first of three games on Saturday I saw, the first time I've done that in one day. I got back from XL and immediately headed over to Frietas for the women's hockey game. More on that later.

But this is a poor showing. Gameday is the next home game for the men. ESPN will be here, with a show before. That should be fun. Tomorrow we head to Villanova. We'd better win that contest. And hopefully we beat Syracuse as well, although I wouldn't count on it. We could be looking at the NIT if we lose more than two more games this season. That would be embarrassing. Let's hope it doesn't happen.  Especially since we're probably getting a postseason ban next year. That would mean no NCAA Tournament for two consecutive years if we miss out this year. We'd better make it.

Game 2-12-80: Men's Ice Hockey vs. Bentley

I'm going to keep these four reviews short because I'm  busy with midterms. I'll have more content in reviews soon. I promise.

What: Men's Ice Hockey vs. Bentley
When: Friday, February 17, 2012, 7:05 PM
Where: Mark Edward Frietas Ice Forum
Result: Loss, 2-1, OT

Wow. This was a bad weekend for UConn sports. Really bad. After a bad series with Sacred Heart last weekend, it looked like we would bounce back vs. the Falcons. Billy Latta got an early goal, and we jumped out 1-0. But alas, it was not to be. Bentley got a goal in the second to make it 1-1. Not fun for us.

And then came overtime. The Falcons got a game winning goal, and our collapse continued. We got 1 point in two games vs. lowly Sacred Heart, then failed to get any vs. Bentley in a home and home. The "dream season" may be just a dream.

As for the Falcons' uniforms, they were hideous. Black uniforms, with a black "B", and black numbers with white trim. I wish I had a picture, but I don't. But they were hideous. Just black. Why?

Anyway, this was just the start of a very bad weekend for the Huskies. Read the rest of my posts in just a few minutes.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Schedule of Games for February 17-26

I've been a bit neglectful in posting these, but here is the schedule through next Sunday for games I will attend.

(Y) - Will Attend
(P) - Probably Attending
(M) - Might Attend
(D) - Doubtful to Attend

Friday, February 17:

7:05 PM: Men's Ice Hockey vs. Bentley (Y)

Saturday, February 18:

12:00 PM: Men's Basketball vs. Marquette (Y)
2:00 PM: Women's Ice Hockey vs. Boston University (D)
7:00 PM: Women's basketball vs. St. John's (Y)

Saturday, February 25:

10:00 AM: College Gameday Show @ Gampel Pavilion (Y)
1:00 PM: Women's Lacrosse vs. Quinnipiac (P)
9:00 PM: Men's Basketball vs. Syracuse (Y)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weekly Schedule from February 6-February 18

The weekly schedule again. Since this is a slow week, I am including next week's games, which will be confirmed next week.


(Y) - Will Attend
(P) - Probably Attending
(M) - Might attend
(D) - Doubtful to Attend

Friday, February 10:

7:05 PM: Men's ice hockey vs. Sacred Heart (Y)

Saturday, February 11:

1:00 PM: Women's ice hockey vs. Boston College (D) - same time as Syracuse basketball game
4:00 PM: Women's Basketball vs. Georgetown (Y)

Wednesday, February 15:

7:00 PM: Men's Basketball vs. DePaul (P)

Friday, February 17:

7:05 PM: Men's Ice Hockey vs. Bentley (Y)

Saturday, February 18:

12:00 PM: Men's Basketball vs. Marquette (Y)
2:00 PM: Women's Ice Hockey vs. Boston University (D) - only if I get back in time from men's hoops
7:00 PM: Women's Basketball vs. St. John's (Y)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Game 2-9-77: Women's Basketball vs. Rutgers, February 4th, 2012

What: Women's Basketball vs. Rutgers
When: February 4th 2012, 7:00 PM
Where: Gampel Pavilion
Result: Win 66-34

This was the first time I saw Rutgers play UConn in any sport. I've now seen every Big East team. So that's complete. And UConn completely dominated the Scarlet Knights. I was worried about this game, but I shouldn't have been. We won easily. 66-34. Rutgers committed almost two dozen turnovers. That shouldn't happen. They were worse than Seton Hall was earlier against the men. So long, Jersey teams.

There was also some obnoxious girl in Uggs who threatened to throw them at the players. That was entertaining. Then, during the post-game student loyalty drawing, she tried to bribe Geno to pick her. She was annoying, and probably drunk. Well, let's hope she doesn't come back.

Oh, except the Giants. They won the next night. That was good. Take that, Patriots fans! Super Bowl champs!

Sorry the last two reviews have been short, I've got some studying to do and wanted to get them finished.

Game 2-8-76: Men's Basketball vs. Seton Hall, February 4, 2012

What: Men's Basketball vs. Seton Hall
Where: XL Center
When: Saturday, February 4th, 2012
Result: Win, 69-46

Wow. This was a bizarre game. At least we won, but we didn't deserve to. The thing is, Seton Hall deserved to even less. Turnovers abounded for both teams, and we struggled to make our shots (again). But Seton Hall struggled even worse. Hey, someone has to win, right? Well, yeah. I guess a win is a win. This was pretty much an unremarkable game, I'm sorry. That's all I can say. On a side note, this was the first time I had seen Seton Hall in basketball. The only Big East teams I had not (at the time) seen in hoops of either gender were Rutgers (who I'd see later that night), West Virginia (who I'll never see if they leave), and St. John's (who I'll see in the women's game 12 days from now). But enough of that.

Anyway, one remarkable thing happened. During the first half, they had a student shoot from half court to win a trip to Disney World. He made it! I've never seen that before. It was the best shot of the game. Really, we got lucky to win. We need to do better. I'll have a post on the women up in a few minutes.