Here are some frequently asked questions

What counts as a game for purposes of this website?

To count as a game,

1. I must have attended at least half of its regulation length (i.e. 45 minutes for soccer, 4.5 innings for baseball)

2. The game must be an official contest, either exhibition, regular season, or postseason. 

3. UConn must be playing.

4. If a contest is countable under rule 1, but is suspended and ultimately canceled before it can be called under rule 2, it shall be noted here as "NO CONTEST", it shall not be included in the game count, and it shall not be included in the record.

5. If a non-UConn game is played as a doubleheader before or after a UConn game, and I attend both, they shall both be noted in the game log, but only the UConn game shall be counted, following the same method as rule 4.

6. If a game is shortened due to mercy rule, the home team winning prior to the last half inning, weather, or any other reason, but is an official contest, and I arrived late but stayed for the full game thereafter, it can be counted provided that I would have fulfilled requirement 1 had it been played to full regulation length. Example: If I arrive in the middle of the 5th of a baseball game, and UConn wins it 8-3 and does not bat in the bottom of the 9th since they are winning, it is countable provided I did not leave early, since had it gone to the bottom of the 9th, I would have been there.

7. Clarification: Overtime or extra innings can be counted to fulfill requirement 1. In baseball and softball, each extra inning shall be counted even if UConn walked off. In sports with a clock, the time when the overtime ended shall be used to determine if it is counted. 

8. The half-game rule is generally used for games I arrived late to, usually due to conflicts. For games where I leave early, I can exclude at my discretion even if they meet the other requirements.

Can you give some examples?

 On August 17, 2012, I attended the UCLA-UConn soccer game, for its whole length. However, it was canceled in th 58th minute due to thunderstorms. By NCAA rule, it must be played for at least 70 minutes to be an official game, so it was not counted for NCAA purposes. Since I attended for at least 45 minutes, it was noted in the game log, however because it was not an official contest by NCAA rule, it was not counted in the game count, meaning I did not credit myself with a UConn win.

On November 6, 2010, I attended the Big East Field Hockey Tournament Semifinal between Rutgers and Syracuse prior to the game between UConn and Louisville. The Rutgers-Syracuse game is noted in the Game Log that I attended and that Syracuse won 4-1, but it is not counted as a Game. Therefore, men's soccer vs. DePaul the night of November 5 is Game 25, and the UConn-Louisville Game is Game 26. 

On March 30, 2012, I arrived at the first game of a UConn-Seton Hall doubleheader (Game 2-25-93), at the beginning of the 6th. The game went 11 innings, and I stayed for the remainder. Since I attended 6 innings, it is counted.

What do the game numbers mean?

For games I attended my freshman year, I simply noted them as Game X, where X is the number game it was chronologically.

For games my sophomore year and after, I noted them as Game X-Y-Z. X is the number year it was (2 for sophomore, etc.), Y is the number game it was that year, and Z is the number game it was overall. For instance, following Game 68 at the end of my freshman year came Game 2-1-69, the first game of my sophomore year. 

Your spreadsheet counts West Virginia as a Big East team. Why?

When I first started here, West Virginia was in the Big East. If we play them in a non-conference game, I will figure out some way to separate those. 

But you don't separate Sacred Heart games!

Well, anyone who wants to know UConn's record in Atlantic Hockey games against Sacred Heart can just look up the men's ice hockey record. With West Virginia, it's more complicated and I'll have to figure something out.

I see you count games by semester as well. What about games that are not played during a semester?

My first game I attended was over WOW Weekend, before Fall 2010 started. I still counted it for Fall. Following that precedent, I counted the men's basketball game vs. Villanova on Martin Luther King Day 2011, before Spring 2011, as a Spring semester game. I did the same with the women's basktball MLK game in 2012.

Summer 2012 proved to be problematic, as two games were played during the summer session. It would have been three games if not for the rain on August 17 (see above), but even that was still noted. Plus there were a few games in between the summer and the fall. However, I counted them as Fall 2012 games. 

What happened in Fall 2011?

Unfortunately, I had to miss the Fall 2011 semester for medical reasons. I obviously did not attend any games, although I tracked the Huskies from home.

Who are you, anyway?

I am a student at UConn who loves the Huskies. Even though I am newer Husky fan than most, having grown up in New York, I still cheer them on. 

Do you really go to all these games?


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