Hello. I am a sophomore (Class of 2014) at the University of Connecticut. In the early stages of this blog (up to May 2011), this blog was just a chronicle of every UConn athletic event I went to. However, now, it is becoming more about UConn sports in general. However, we cover ALL UConn Sports, not just the major ones. Things to watch for on our blog

  • Daily summaries on how UConn teams are doing
  • Weekly Awards for Player and Team of the Week (UConn, of course)
  • And of course, complete chronicles on every game I personally attend (and possibly a few more)
Some more about me: I was born in Poughkeepsie, New York and did not actually become a UConn fan until I came here. But then I started loving our athletic teams. For more information on my evolution as a UConn sports fan, see this post which wrapped up my first year at UConn and summarized the sports year.

I was forced to take a medical leave in Fall 2011 but will be returning in Spring 2012 and am anxiously awaiting. Go Huskies!