Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Game #2-1-69: Women's Basketball vs. North Carolina

Note: The title is in the new format for game numbers, which is season-game for season-overall game. So, Game 1 of season 2, Game 69 overall.

What: Women's Basketball vs. North Carolina
When: Monday, January 16th, 7:00 PM
Where: Gampel Pavilion
Result: Win, 86-35

Wow. This was my first game back, and it was a blowout, ugly win for the Huskies. Well, I was at Gampel when doors opened at 5:30, and it felt great to be back. As I was sitting in my seat for 90 minutes before tip-off, I was finally watching UConn. Then, we started pounding the Tar Heels into the ground and things were back to normal.

I couldn't see how many points the Tar Heels had due to the shot clock being in the way, but it didn't much matter sine they weren't doing much scoring anyway. There were times when they'd go six or eight minutes without making a bucket. Once we pulled our starters, they managed to almost cut the lead to 50. Almost... That's pretty bad. Or maybe we're that good. We definitely needed this win to bounce back from what by our very high standards was a rough stretch. The girls seemed to be energized by the students being back. Keep it up!

I managed to snag a free UConn women's poster to hang up in my room (the first UConn poster for me this year) and I got to see us clobber the Tar Heels big time. What a way for me to return. I'm impressed.

Plus, there was the one thing I'd forgotten about since my last women's game - student loyalty. No, I didn't win, but it's still cool. And Geno made fun of some girl who looked like she was 13 but was really a junior. Maybe in high school? Well, let's hope the Huskies continue down this road for the rest of the season.

I may be at the men's game tomorrow night, but will be missing the women's game Thursday for class. Friday I will probably not attend hockey, but Saturday night I will (against Robert Morris). Sunday afternoon is women's hockey vs. Boston College, but that's five days away. We've got some time.

It's good to be back.. Go Huskies!

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