Thursday, March 22, 2012

Game 2-21-89: Baseball vs. Yale

What: Baseball vs. Yale
Where: J.O. Christian Field
When: Wednesday, March 21, 3:00 PM
Result: Win, 8-0

I arrived at the JOC at 2:45 after being delayed on the bus several times. I was worried I would miss the start of opening day, but I managed to get there in time. The K-9 Unit was there as we were last year, but unfortunately they did not have a shirt in my size. So, I'll just have to wait to get one. That's ok. We've got many more games this year.

As for the game itself, it wasn't very close. Pat Butler had a no-hitter through five innings, and we shut out the Yale Bulldogs, 8-0. LJ Mazilli hit a home run in the bottom of the first to put us up 2-0, and we didn't look back. The weather was also very nice. Last year, we didn't have a game with the weather above 50 degrees until Quinnipiac the last week of classes. It's March 21 and we already had one this year. We have four more games in March, so we could and should have more nice days before April.

The Bulldogs looked like a second-class team, and they were. Big East play should be closer, but this wasn't. Some students found a list of pitcher heckles and were shouting them throughout. Very amusing. You can view it here if you're interested.

Our next home game is next Tuesday. I will  have to arrive late due to class, but I will be there. Hopefully we can win again. I will also be at the lacrosse game vs. Syracuse over the weekend. The Orange are a good team, so that will be tough. For now, Go Huskies!

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