Thursday, January 5, 2012

Weekly Schedule for Week of January 16-22

Finally! I'm going back to school on Janary 15th, after eight months of being on summer break/medical leave/winter break. But now I'll be back. And I'll be attending UConn Huskies game. Of course, all of these games will be accompanied by detailed reviews of how things went. I'm looking forward to it. Without further adieu, here we go.


(Y)=Definitely Attending
(P) = Probably Attending
(M) = Might Attend
(D) = Doubtful to Attend
(N) = Not Attending (only explicitly stated in notable cases)

Monday, January 16:

7:00 PM: Women's Basketball vs. North Carolina (Y)

Wednesday, January 18:

7:00 PM: Men's Basketball vs. Cincinnati (M) It will depend on whether a club I'm in is meeting that night or not.

Thursday, January 19:

7:30 PM: Women's Basketball vs. Cincinnati (D) I have class at that time. I will only attend if class is canceled due to snow or possibly I will arrive late if class lets out early for whatever reason.

Friday, January 20:

7:05 PM: Men's Ice Hockey vs. Robert Morris (M)

Saturday, January 21:

7:05 PM: Men's Ice Hockey vs. Robert Morris (Y)

Sunday, January 22:

2:00 PM: Women's Ice Hockey vs. Boston College (Y)

In summary, we have three  definite "yes"es, two maybes, and one highly doubtful. That is all for now. Only 10 days! 

Update: Originally, Men's Basketball on the 18th was listed as "Yes". It is now "Maybe".

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