Sunday, October 2, 2011

Live Blogging Today, Beginning Rougly 1:45 PM (NEVERMIND)

Today, starting at roughly 1:45 PM, I will be live blogging about the Women's Soccer game at DePaul, Women's Volleyball game vs. Syracuse, and Field Hockey Game at Yale. All-Access video for Volleyball is available on UConn's website, the DePaul game will be on DePaul's Website and the Yale Game will have live stats on Yale's site. I will be making a few updates before then, so stay tuned.

12:42 PM - Just realized the Yankees are playing at 3:07 PM today. I'll be watching that instead. Sorry, guys.

12:19 PM: Let's post this! Time for lunch and the NFL Today on CBS. Back in about 15 minutes.

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