Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March 22 (Game 62) Baseball vs. Holy Cross

What: Baseball vs. Holy Cross

When: Tuesday March 22, 3:00 PM

Where: J.O. Christian Field

Result: Tie 2-2 (16 innings)

Wow. This was an amazing game. I arrived from class in the middle of the first inning with Holy Cross up 2-0. Little did I know at that time what would result. We got two runs in the bottom of the fourth on a home run by Ryan Fuller. But after that, both teams would be held scoreless for the next twelve innings. At that point, since J.O. Christian Field lacks lights, the umps were forced to call the game on darkness.

Do you realize how aggravating it was sitting out there in the cold for almost four hours, watching 16 innings of baseball, and then it ends in a tie? Come on. Just ridiculous. At the very least, they should have suspended it and made it up some other time. If it were a Big East game they would have.

Nevertheless, it was pretty fun watching my first UConn baseball game. I'll be at all three games of the weekend series vs. Pitt. Hopefully things turn out well for us now that we're playing at home instead of in sunny Florida and California. Of course, it's snowing at UConn right now, so perhaps we'd have been better off staying down in the sun and warm.

On a news note, I was unable to make it to the Women's Basketball Round of 32 game as a result of the long ending, because the game ended around 7:10 pm and by the time I got to Gampel it would have been 7:20 or so and the game would probably already have been a blowout so I just went back and watched it on TV. It also happened to be a factor that I was completely freezing at the time and the Blue Line bus happened to be right there at the bus stop 15 feet from the field when I left. So that helped.

That's all for now. Go Huskies!


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