Thursday, October 21, 2010

Regarding the Quarterback Situation

So you've probably heard by now that Quarterback Cody Endres is suspended for the rest of the academic year, which according to several sources is due to a third failed drug test. I have heard many people (students and fans) complain that our program is going downhill and that Edsall has lost control of the team. In fact, it is almost the exact opposite. When you look at schools like the University of Florida, which has had about 30 felonies committed by football players over the last 5 years. Our program has been pretty clean except for Cody and Erik Kuraczea. (And we don't even know what the deal is with Erik - he was suspended with Cody earlier, but we don't even know if that was for the same reason, and if so, whether they were connected or just two failed drug tests, and now he's withdrawn and we don't know if that's because he failed again and withdrew before he got caught or what.) But anyway, Edsall's running a clean ship for the most part. We're not on probation, nobody's been convicted of a felony, nothing like that. And more importantly, when a player does do something wrong, they are disciplined appropriately. If John Brantley had a positive drug test, you think Urban Meyer would suspend him for 8 months? Of course not. And they have had players caught drunk driving, underage drinking (often together), marijuana, etc. And they've either gotten off the hook or been suspended for a game or two. And every team has one or two players who break rules. At least we're doing something about it. And the fact is, some schools (like the Gators) may have more players who fail drug tests then we know about, because the school lets it fly if the player is a star of the team. So contrary to what people think, we are not going downhill, and kudos to Coach Edsall for actually disciplining players.

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