Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blog News Update for Saturday 10/23

Some blog news updates for today

  • First of all, I mentioned tags in an earlier post. We will be using categories instead. This should make things easier for everyone.

  • I will not be live-blogging during the UConn football game today. However, expect a post after the game.

  • Soccer review from last night is forthcoming.

  • In an addition to my schedule for this week, I may be attending the swim/dive meet against Providence, Central Connecticut, Fordham and Fairfield. That is today at noon.

That just about wraps it up. Go Huskies! Oh, and with all the "Too Damn High" jokes floating around, here's one more: Cody Endres is TOO DAMN HIGH!!!!!!! (YOU CON!)

Ironic twinge update: As I hit "publish" after the last a pop-up popped up for a "drug and alcohol addiction cure" Sorry, I'm not Cody.

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