Thursday, April 18, 2013

Photos from the uniform unveiling

Photos from the press conference with the unveiling of the uniforms will be here.

1:35: we are starting. No chat now.
1:30 PM: They're playing "Thrift Shop." Let's hope it's not a harbinger for the quality of these uniforms.
1:29 PM: Jonathan costume guy is here. It's still the old design. I will miss the cute doggie after this year.
1:26 PM: Stephanie Dolson arrives with a boot on her leg and a gray t-shirt.
1:12 PM: and the band is in on the ugly dark gray too. Et tu, Brute? This falls Storrs. Pray away the gray.
1:09 PM: lots of athletes wearing gray with husky logo. Doesn't bode well for those who think that platinum Nike dark gray ugly has no place on a uniform.
1:02: Yeah, it's ice hockey. One of the players is number 48 and that's the only women's team with a number 48. So those are just practice shorts. The player talking about the red and gray gestured to her sleeves when she said it.
12:57: ok, maybe that wasn't field hockey because they said their uniforms were similar to the men "but with the gray and red different." Could be ice hockey, in which case those are just practice shorts. But it means there will be red and gray. Ugh.
12:55 PM: a few field hockey girls just walked in wearing what appears to be the team's new shorts, but I don't know if they're home, away, or both. I got a photo but looked like a total creep doing so.
12:47 PM: they're testing the intro. Either that or they're going to spend the next 40 minutes explaining why they need to change this. Ok, it just finished and now they're running it again from the beginning. It's a test. "This is the moment we pay tribute to the toughness and tradition of past champions." How about retaining their identity to honor them???
12:39 PM: less than an hour to go. Tour groups still coming through gampel. Makes me remember when I was in high school. Also, the band is here. Who brings a band to a uniform unveiling?

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