Friday, October 5, 2012

Periodic updates on game 3-20-119: women's soccer vs. South Florida

Watch for updates here throughout the night on TE UConn women's soccer game against South Florida.

7:57 pm: halftime. 0-0 even though we're outshooting them 12-2. Also, the kids playing on the field at halftime are wearing pink socks for breast cancer awareness.

6:57 pm: updates will be less frequent So I can watch the game.

6:55: pregame introductions starting. 5 minutes until game time. Also, the kids on the field with the huskies are wearing pink socks. Our players are not.

6:05 pm: about 55 minutes until game time. My seat is just to the ice rink side of midfield on the press box side. Top row, right under the press box. That wy I can lean back on the press box wall and also see over the things they put over the benches. (See picture)

6:12 pm: pregame music simultaneously playing lion king and freestyle rap over the PA system. Is this really a single song or are they playing two separately?

6:16 pm: UConn will wear pink wristbands tonight for breast cancer. Some players are wearing other pink stuff in warmups

6:31 pm: Just under half an hour until the game starts. Usf wearing weird warmups that are green with a bull logo on the front and grey on the back.

6:36 pm: only a couple dozen fans here so far, including about 8 in the far bleachers. One man in a USF jacket made the trip up, as did a woman with him who I presume is his wife.

6:42 pm: submitted Samantha McGuire for goal of the game contest. Also entered the student giveaway for VIP seats to first night. There aren't many other students here so I like my odds.

6:54 pm: all new news will be at the top of this post.

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