Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekly Schedule October 1-14

Weekly schedule October 1-14


(Y) - Definitely Attending
(P) - Probably Attending
(M) - Might Attend
(D) - Doubtful to Attend

Friday, October 5:

7:00 PM: Women's soccer vs. USF (Y)

Saturday, October 6:

3:00 PM: Men's Ice Hockey exh. vs. York (P)

Sunday, October 7:

1:00 PM: Women's soccer vs. Marquette (Y)

Tuesday, October 9:

7:00 PM: Men's soccer vs. Iona (M)

Friday, October 12:

4:00 PM: Women's volleyball vs. Cincinnati, followed by First Night (P)

Saturday, October 13:

TBD: Football Homecoming vs. Temple (Y)
12:00 PM: Field Hockey vs. Georgetown (M) Will attend if no conflict with football

Sunday, October 14:

1:00 PM: Field Hockey vs. Stanford (Y)
2:00 PM: Women's volleyball vs. Louisville (P) will go after field hockey

PS: Visit Paul Fornica and Paul Formica for US House. Great websites.

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