Saturday, August 25, 2012

Game 3-8-107: Men's Soccer vs. St. Francis

What: Men's Soccer vs. St. Francis

When: Saturday, August 25, 2012, 7:00 PM

Where: Morrone Stadium

Result: Win 1-0

This was the first regular season game of the year for men's soccer, so it was also the first Goal Patrol meeting. It was crowded, probably more crowded than it will be at any game the rest of the season. We probably had several hundred students, at least, at the Goal Patrol meeting. Then it was on to Morrone Stadium.

St. Francis warmups - why
the red?
When we arrived, St. Francis was warming up. They were wearing red uniforms. (See picture on left) This confused me because I distinctly recalled St. Francis wearing blue when we played them before. Several thoughts occurred to me - was I wrong? Had they changed their uniforms? Were we playing the other St. Francis? But it turns out, those were just their warm ups. Strange. They changed into blue uniforms for the actual game, per their school colors. But the red warmups looked like real uniforms. They had numbers only on the front, while the real uniforms had numbers only on the back, but they could easily have been interchanged. Is one the alternate away uniform or something, and they use it as warmups when they're not wearing it? I don't know. Anyway, you can view a photo of the blue game uniforms on this page as well.

St. Francis huddling in blue uniforms
before the game. 
Then the game started. We scored our only goal on a Mamadou Doudou Diouf penalty kick, but frankly it could have been a lot more of a blowout. We had almost 20 shots, and about a dozen chances that could easily have led to goals. But we only scored one. But a win is a win. We are ranked #1 in one poll now and #4 in the other. With #2 UCLA losing to St. Francis, we could be ranked #3 next week in that poll. Next up for men's soccer is Dartmouth next Friday. There are a women's soccer game and a field hockey game tomorrow at 1:00 PM. I may go to one, and I probably will. But there's other events going on then that aren't sports that I may attend instead. I don't know yet. I'll update tomorrow.

Regardless, I will be at the men's soccer vs. Dartmouth Friday night. But I can't attend football vs. UMass Thursday night, which is disappointing. I get out of class at 6:15, but that doesn't leave me time to catch the bus, the last one leaves at 6:00. That's all for now.

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