Sunday, August 19, 2012

Game 3-5-105: Women's Soccer vs. Vermont

What: Women's soccer vs. Vermont

When: Sunday, August 19, 2012, 1:00 PM

Where: Morrone Stadium

Result: Win 4-2

Vermont in the green,
UConn in the white.
Finally, a regular season game! After Friday night's game was interrupted and not counted, this one finally counts. Home opener - take two!

As it was, we outshot the Catamouths 25-3, but somehow allowed 2 of those 3 shots to go in. The third almost went in. It's troubling, because if teams manage to shoot against us, we'll be in trouble.

Nevertheless, we won. We went down 1-0 early, and it looks like the UCLA near-win was false hope. But we went up 2-1, and we were finally ahead. Vermont evened it 2-2, which had some of the fans groaning. But less than 30 seconds later, we took the lead back! We showed quick strike ability, scoring again right after that.

Mini husky on my desk
On the way out, they gave out miniature husky things. They're kind of cute. I'm not surprised they waited until the end. Keep the fans in their seats, even when the game became a blowout. You can see a photo on the right.

Unfortunately, two of our players left with injuries. The refs let Vermont get away with almost anything. We got called for a lot of fouls however. Bad refeereing. Maybe he was from Vermont?

Well, I finally saw a regular season UConn game this year. The next game will be Friday night, with the women's soccer again playing, this time against Boston College. On Saturday, I'll be at two games, field hockey against Bucknell and men's soccer OPENER vs. St. Francis. I'll also be posting a schedule for the first week of classes later today.

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