Monday, April 16, 2012

Game Attendance Schedule for Rest of Year

Here is the game attendance schedule for the rest of the year (through the end of April, essentially)


(Y) - Will Attend
(P) - Probably Attending
(M) - Might Attend
(D) - Doubtful To Attend

Tuesday, April 17:

4:00 PM: Softball vs. Rhode Island (P) I may have to leave early to get to class, we will see

Wednesday, April 18:

1:00 PM: Softball vs. DePaul, Doubleheader (P) I will be there most likely, but not until after 1:50 PM, so this may not count as two games depending on how much of game #1 I see

Friday, April 20:

3:00 PM: Baseball vs. Rutgers (Y)

Sunday, April 22:

1:00 PM: Baseball vs. Rutgers (Y)

Tuesday, April 24:

3:00 PM: Baseball vs. Bryant (Y) I will be a little late due to class most likely

Thursday, April 26:

4:00 PM: Softball vs. Hartford (P) Might leave early for class

Friday, April 27:

4:00 PM: Women's :Lacrosse vs. Villanova (P)

Saturday, April 28:

12:00 PM: Softball vs. Syracuse, Doubleheader (Y)

Sunday, April 29:

12:00 PM: Softball vs. Syracuse (P)
1:00 PM: Women's Lacrosse vs. Loyola (P)

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