Monday, January 23, 2012

Game 2-5-73: Women's Ice Hockey vs. Boston College

What: Women's Ice Hockey vs. Boston College
When: Sunday, January 22, 2:00 PM
Where: Mark Edward Freitas Ice Forum
Result: Loss, 3-1

We're a struggling and rebuilding team at the bottom of Hockey East. Boston College is the #4 team in the country. Blowout? Not quite. We held the Eagles to a single goal in the first period, but trailed 1-0. Then, a lot of the crowd cleared out to go home and watch the Patriots game. But those who stayed saw Jocelyn Slattery net a shorthanded goal with 10:19 left in the second period to tie the game at 1-1. And it looked like we might be able to pull off the upset.

But our hopes were short-lived. BC got a power-play goal less than two minutes later to go up 2-1 and quickly added another. And that was that. A 3-1 win for the Eagles. Two years removed from our "dream season", we may not even make the Hockey East Tournament.

Now, this has been a tough week for Huskies athletics. I've been at five games this week, and we're 1-4. And the four losses have all come in a row. And before now, I'd never seen the Huskies lose more than two in a row. And oh yeah - men's basketball lost to Tennessee. I wasn't in Knoxville for that, but I saw it on CBS. Disappointing.

Let's hope the Huskies can turn it around or there will be dark days ahead.

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