Tuesday, October 18, 2011

2012 Women's Lacrosse Schedule Officially Released

The 2012 UConn Women's Lacrosse Schedule was officially released today (release here), after being posted on the Super Scoreboard per my earlier post. Here is the schedule in its entirety.

Saturday, February 18: vs. Iona, 1:00 PM
Saturday, February 25
: vs. Quinnipiac 1:00 PM
Wednesday, February 29: vs. Boston College, 3:00 PM
Saturday, March 3: at Binghamton, 12:00 PM
Wednesday, March 7: at New Hampshire, 3:30 PM
Saturday, March 10: vs. Fairfield, 1:00 PM
Friday, March 16: at Sacred Heart, 3:00 PM
Saturday, March 24: vs. Syracuse, 1:00 PM
Friday, March 30: at Georgetown, 4:00 PM
Sunday, April 1: at Rutgers, 1:00 PM
Saturday, April 7: at Columbia, 1:00 PM
Saturday, April 14: vs. Notre Dame, 12:00 PM
Friday, April 20: at Cincinnati, 3:30 PM
Sunday, April 22: at Louisville, 1:00 PM
Friday, April 27: vs. Villanova, 4:00 PM
Sunday, April 29: vs. Loyola, 1:00 PM

Thursday, May 3: Big East Tournament @ Syracuse
Saturday, May 5: Big East Tournament @ Syracuse

Here are the comments from the original post, as well as some more thoughts.

  • It's good to see we're opening in the afternoon this time instead of on 4:00 PM on a rainy, dreary day. Let's hope the sun is shining when we take the field against Iona.

  • The game against Quinnipiac is the same day as College Gameday comes to Storrs for the basketball game vs. Syracuse. Gameday will go off air at noon, and the ticket hallway back to Sherman provides a good exit strategy. Plus, you get to see the game. Interestingly, that's supposed to be Senior Night for the Men's Ice Hockey team as well. If the women aren't hosting a Hockey East quarterfinal, that may get bumped up to afternoon. Which could make for a very interesting Saturday.

  • I'm guessing the road game at Columbia has some connection to the basketball game they're playing at our place. Those have a funny way of popping up.

  • Two games over Finals Weekend this year. Procrastinators, beware. Or happy, for now.

  • Outdoor Track also has the "Dog Fight" meet at home on April 14th. What this means for the women's lacrosse vs. Notre Dame, I don't know. They used to play at Morrone, perhaps a game there?
  • Of the four teams that made the Big East Tournament last year, we have three of them at home (Syracuse, Loyola, and Notre Dame, but on the road against Georgetown). This should make things a little easier, but we'd still need to see a lot of improvement to go to the Big East Tournament. 
  • We host Fairfield the Saturday Spring Break begins (March 10th), but other than that, have no home games during break. 
  • We have a three week gap from March 24th until April 14th, where we have no home games. After hosting Syracuse, we play four of our next five Big East games (plus Columbia) on the road, before hosting Villanova and Loyola. That's unusual, to say the least.

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