Saturday, September 24, 2011

Husky Sports Roundup September 24, 2011

Football: The Huskies travel to Buffalo tonight to face the Buffalo Bulls. The Huskies are 1-2 while Buffalo has the same record. The Huskies will look to turn the season around tonight. Kickoff is at 6:00 PM on SNY and Big East Regional Television.

Men's Soccer: WHITE OUT tonight at home vs. St. John's. The game is SOLD OUT. The Red Storm are #12 in the country and we are #2. With the Maryland draw earlier this week, we could be #1 if we win. Huge Goal Patrol meeting at 6 PM. Too bad I'm not on campus now.  For the most part I've come to deal with the fact that I'm not at school this semester. It's going to be hard tonight. But at least I can watch it online. Video streaming is available on Huskies All-Access and audio on WHUS.

Women's Volleyball: The Huskies lost to the Cincinnati Bearcats 3-0 in a sweep. The Huskies are 0-1 in the Big East and will take on Louisville on Sunday afternoon at 2:00 PM. Next weekend, the Huskies will be back at home, with a pair of games against Marquette (October 1, 2:00 PM) and Syracuse (October 2, 2:00 PM).

Women's Soccer: The Huskies tied Louiville 2-2 in double overtime. The game was an action-packed contest with the teams totaling 18 shots in the second half alone. The Huskies are 4-4-1 overall and 1-1-1 in the Big East. Next up, the team will face Cincinnati on 1 PM Saturday.

Women's Ice Hockey: The Huskies drew McGill 2-2 in an exhibition thanks to a goal from Maggie Walsh with 18 seconds left in regulation. The Martlets dominated the game, though, outshooting the Huskies 43-19. On a side note, the obvious questionz: what is a martlet? Apparenty it's a stylized drawing of a bird with feathered tufts instead of legs. Huh?

Field Hockey: The Huskies will travel to Providence at 1:00 PM today. We are ranked #4 in the country and are 1-0 in the Big East. This is the Friars' conference opener.

UPDATE 3:08 PM EDT; UConn defeated Providence in Field Hockey 4-0. Anne Jeute scored a goal 3:13 into the first half, while Chloe Hunnable recorded three goals of her own as the Huskies rolled to victory. Next up, the Huskies will host the UMass Minutewomen on Wednesday night at 7:30 PM. At that point, I will be in synagogue at Erev Rosh Hashanah services. I will be in Temple for the better part of Wednesday evening to Friday afternoon,  though the holiday will end well in time for me to watch the UConn-Notre Dame women's soccer game on ESPNU Friday night. Whether a Yankees postseason game conflicts it, remains to be seen however. In any case, don't expect any posts from Wednesday night to Friday evening. Maybe something as I'm watching the UConn-ND game just to catch up. If not, I'll probably post something later that night, although it depends on the Yankees playoff game too.

On a side note, "Minutewomen" is the extreme form of political correctness. It's not a word, just a way to avoid seeming sexist. But in fact, it's even more sexist, if anything, not to mention stupid. If Joe D from WTIC were to refer to Geno Auriemma's defense as "woman to woman", he would be ridiculed, and maybe even fired if he did it often enough. And when I went to the softball game and Amy DeLuca batted, they said "Now batting, the third baseman, number 18, Amy DeLuca". Is it sexist to call her that because it's a masculine term? Likewise, "Minuteman" is a generic term, it's been around since the American Revolution. Granted, there were few (if any) women in the militia then, and we don't exactly have a citizen's militia anymore. So the only time there were ever any female "Minutemen" was when UMass played a sporting contest. And UMass field hockey team is fighting the Huskies on Wednesday, not the Redcoats. So it's not the same thing. Nevertheless, if I had to think of an example of political correctness so ridiculous it couldn't possibly true, "Minutewoman" would be a good place to start. Except it is true. I'm glad I'll be at shul Wednesday. If I were watching the webstream of the game, I'd burst out laughing every time I hear the PA say "Penalty Corner, Minutewomen".

On a side note, the Delta State Statesmen came up with a completely different solution to the "men" nickname issue. Their teams are the Statesmen and the Lady Statesmen. I'm not sure which one is worse.

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