Sunday, August 28, 2011

Checking in From Home

As you may know by now, I am home this semester with medical issues. I don't want to explain too much in a public post, but if you want to know how I'm doing, just email me and I'll give you a summary.

In any case, I've been following my Huskies online. I watched yesterday's men's soccer game on Huskies All-Access and got to see us win 2-0. I also watched the preseason game vs. Stony Brook and the two games the women have played so far.

Yes, watching these games make me wish I was on campus even more than I already do. But they also help me cope with the fact that I can't be on campus. The fact is, even when I'm only home for breaks, when I watch UConn games I wish I could be there. When our women's hoops team got win #89 last December 21, do you seriously think I didn't wish I was at XL Center watching it? Of course I did. But it was nice being able to watch my Huskies, just as it is now.

And let's put it this way. During our soccer team's NCAA tournament loss to Brown last November, I was a bit bummed that I couldn't be there due to Thanksgiving Break. But I was looking forward to watching the websteram of our NCAA tournament contest. But then the power went out on campus, and the webstream wasn't available. The webstream of the audio also wasn't available from, though I believe they were still broadcasting over the airwaves.

In any event, I will be sad to be at home for this coming semester. But I should find some consolation with Huskies All-Access and with And when the latter simulcasts with the former, that's even better. I'll be posting here occasionally, to comment on how I'm doing or how the Huskies are doiong, or perhaps both. And come January 15th, I'll be back on campus. It looks like the women's basketball game vs. UNC on January 16th will be my first game back. One of two things could change this. Either the game could be in Hartford with no buses, or the men could play a home game at Gampel on Sunday the 15th. The women's ice hockey team doesn't play on Sunday following two games on the road at New Hampshire Friday and Saturday. The men will be in Buffalo to face Canisius. Even if women's hoops is at XL with no buses (we should know for sure next month) the latest my first game back could possibly be is Friday, January 20 when our men's ice hockey team hosts Robert Morris at 7:05. There may be men's and/or women's Big East games before that though.

I'll keep you posted. Go Huskies!

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