Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 25, 2011 (Game 68): Baseball vs. Quinnipiac

What: Baseball vs. Quinnipiac

When: Monday April 25, 2011, 3:00 PM

Where: J.O. Christian Field

Result: Win 9-0
This was my first Huskies game in 22 days. Wow. It's been a while. I arrived in the middle of the fourth after coming from class. The score was 0-0. But the Bobcats would fall apart shortly after I arrived, making two errors to allow two unearned runs without giving up a hit in the bottom of the sixth, before allowing seven runs on four hits and four (!) errors in the seventh. Ultimately we won 9-0 but it was the worst defensive effort I have ever seen.

Since there is no bus to Dodd on May 7th, this was the last baseball game I will be at this season. I may be at softball today, tomorrow, and/or on Saturday May 7th, but we'll see. And I am one of the top K-9 Unit members in terms of games attended this season, so I will receive a prize which I will pick up Thursday or Friday. Awesome!

Looking back on it (and I will expand on this in the concluding post come the second week of May) the tie vs. Holy Cross could have discouraged me from attending another game. It was a disappointing opening result. But I stuck true, and managed to enjoy what has so far been a great season. Due to the nasty weather, Ileft shortly after the Saturday game with Pitt began, and didn't even attend the Sunday finale, but then the St. John's series really energized me. And that excitement continued through following us on the road. I couldn't attend the Thursday game vs. Georgetown or the two Friday games in New Britain, but I managed to come to the JOC and watch this one to wrap up the part of the season which falls during the semester.

I will continue following the team through the remainder of the season, the Big East Tournament, and (hopefully) the NCAA Regionals, Super-Regionals, and maybe even to Omaha. But for now, I'm just happy to have witnessed so many great moments at the JOC. And baseball will get a big mention in the Wrap-up post. I need a cool name for it. Basketball blog The MidMajority calls their wrap-up post "The Epilogue" which I think is a fitting name for it. But I don't like using other people's terms, so I'll think of one myself. I'll take suggestions. And if I use yours, I'll give you credit this year and each year thereafter. So don't worry.

For now though, no more than three games remaining this year. Maybe four, if the opener of the UConn-Providence doubleheader tomorrow runs really long and I manage to get there after class. But I probably still won't be there long enough for it to count towards the *official* game count unless it goes really long in which case the second game likely won't be able to be played to completion and will have to be suspended. But we'll deal with that if/when it happens.

For now though, if I don't happen to go to any softball games, thank you to my readership, and it's been a great year. Stay tuned for whatever I decide to call the concluding post. Perhaps The Conclusion? The Terminus? I like the second one.

Here are some interesting synonyms for "end" from thesaurus.com:

  • Adjournment

  • Cessation

  • Closure

  • Conclusion

  • Culmination

  • Finis

  • Omega

  • Realization

  • Resolution

  • Terminus

Seniors will find it interesting that "commencement" is listed as an antonym, but of course, if you pay attention to speakers, you'll know that "commencement is not an end. It's a beginning". So to any seniors at UConn reading this, good luck in the real world, and Go Huskies! And the latter holds for anyone else reading this too.

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