Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blog News: On Incomplete Games and Other Baseball/Softball Issues

With baseball and softball season starting, and weekday afternoon games abounding, it is time we address a possibility - games I partially attend. Here are what I will establish as the "ground rules", if you will.

  • Softball games are typically 7 innings, while baseball games are 9. Therefore, for softball I must arrive by the middle of the fourth inning for it to be included in my game count. For baseball, I must arrive by the middle of the fifth inning.

  • Resumed editions of suspended games will be included in the game counts only if I was at the original at a sufficiently early point for it to ordinarily merit inclusion. Should this happen, the pre-suspension game will get its own review, as will the post-resuming edition, although the latter will be lumped in with any full game that occurs in the same session.

  • Just because a Game is not included in the official count does not mean I won't write a review for it. If I feel I was sufficiently there to commentate, I will. And all games I am at will be at the list regardless of whether they are included in the count. Should I be at one for an insufficient amount of time, it will be denoted as INCOMPLETE accordingly.

  • Also, doubleheaders in baseball and softball (although we don't have any scheduled ones in baseball this year) will be noted in the same blog post, but will be noted in the log as two separate games, and as such will count twice.

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