Sunday, February 27, 2011

February 26 (Game 58): Women's Ice Hockey vs. Northeastern (Hockey East Tournament)

What: Women's Ice Hockey vs. Northeastern (Hockey East Tournament)

When: February 26, 1:00 PM

Where: Mark Edward Frietas Ice Forum

Result: Loss 4-0

For what was supposedly a good hockey team, this was certainly a disappointment. We were the 4 seed in Hockey East, and thought we had a good chance to win and move on to the semifinals. But we were too far ahead of ourselves. We gave up a goal just seconds into Period 2, and eventually fell apart giving up three more in quick succession and lost 4-0. That being said, this was an interesting game. Unlike when we hosted the Big East Field Hockey Tournament, this had all the functions of a home game. A T-Shirt Toss, the Chuck a Puck, and all that other stuff. The only difference is, there was an admission fee. As a student, I got in free, but all other fans didn't. Which is why attendance was so meager. Oh well, time to look forward to next season. We've got spring sports starting soon, which should be fun. And basketball season is winding down. So long for now.


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