Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November 7, 2010: Field Hockey BE Tournament vs. Syracuse

What: Field Hockey Big East Tournament Final vs. Syracuse

When: Sunday, November 7, 2010, 1:00 PM

Result: Loss 1-0

Summary: Sorry for being so late in posting this. I've been busy. Anyway, final of the Big East Tournament, probable #1 seed in NCAA Tournament on the line. And while we lost 1-0, it was still fun. The refs were awful though. That really didn't matter much, nor put a damper on the game. But now we probably won't get a #1 seed (Selection Show is tonight.) Oh well. So this will have been my last Field Hockey game of the season. Oh well. It's been nice. And there's next year. Now for the ratings, and remember these will not be included in the composite.


Fan Friendliness: Pretty good crowd. Nothing out of the ordinary except a few criticisms of the refs, which were entirely justifiable quite frankly. Not much of an issue. Rating: 9/10

Fan Enthusiasm: A good crowd, really getting into it here. It was fun and there was cheers. Rating: 12/15

Event Atmosphere: It had the flair of a conference championship, which really meant a lot. It was pretty nice, but not overly impressive. Rating: 11/15

Atmosphere total: 32/40


Quality of Play: Both teams played very well. High marks here. Rating: 18/20

Excitement: 1 goal game down to the very end. We had a lot of chances to equalize but couldn't capitalize. Rating: 9/10

Quality of UConn Play: We played well, but not well enough to win. Good job by Sarah Mansfield in goal, allowing just the one score. Rating: 8/10

Result: Loss 0/10

Overall on-field: 35/50


Clarity of Fan Communication: No issues. Rating: 5/5

Magnitude of Event: Conference Championship, #1 seed and home field for two rounds in NCAA on the line. I'd say that's pretty big. Rating: 14/15

Size of Crowd: About 3/4 full, though some were Syracuse fans. Rating: 11/15

Overall other: 30/35

Overall total composite: 97/125


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