Sunday, October 31, 2010

Schedule for Week November 1 - November 7 (Updated x2)

Here is the updated schedule for this week, including the Big East Soccer Tournament. It has been updated again to reflect that the Men's Soccer Tournament game is on Thursday, not Wednesday, and therefore I will be attending that instead of the Women's Basketball exhibition, but will be attending the Men's Basketball Exhibition Wednesday Night.


Y - Definitely Attending

P - Probably attending

M - Might attend

D- Doubtful To Attend

Wednesday, November 3rd:

Men's Basketball Exh. vs. American International 7:30 PM (Y)

Note: Game will be scored but will not be included in ratings.

Thursday November 4th:

Men's Soccer Big East Tournament vs. Depaul 7:30 PM (Y)

Friday November 5th:

Men's Ice Hockey vs. Canisius, 7:05 PM (P)

Women's Volleyball vs. Georgetown, 7:00 PM (D)

Saturday November 6th:

Women's Field Hockey Big East Tournament vs. Louisville 1:30 PM (Y)

Note: This game will be scored, but as it is considered to be hosted by the Big East Conference as opposed to a "home" game, it will not be included in the rankings.

Men's Ice Hockey vs. Canisius, 7:05 PM (Y)

Sunday, November 7th:

Women's Field Hockey Final vs. TBD 1:00 PM (Y)

Note: This assumes UConn is involved in the final. If they lose the semifinal, I will not attend the Final.

Men's Basketball exh vs. Bridgeport 1:00 PM (D)

Note: This game is at XL Center which means I'd need a bus ticket. I will attend the Field Hockey meaningful game over an exhibition, but I would need to buy the bus ticket several days early. And if I don't know if I'm going, it's not worth it. So unless I manage to get the ticket from a student on short notice, it's not going to happen.

Women's Volleyball vs. USF 2:00 PM (M)

Note: I will probably attend this game if UConn is not in the field hockey final and I do not manage to obtain a roadshow ticket to basketball.

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