Thursday, October 14, 2010

October 10th: Men's Soccer vs. Seton Hall

What: Men's Soccer vs. Seton Hall

Result: Win 2-0

When: Saturday October 10th, 7:30 PM

Summary: I almost didn't go since it was Family Weekend here at Uconn, but I managed to get away to go. I got to Gampel just before Goal Patrol left and got a ticket. I wasn't disappointed. Nearly sold out, crazy crowd, and we won (again.) Freezing cold, but oh well. It was fine.



Fan Friendliness: All the youngers in the stands for Family Weekend mellowed the crowd a bit. We still had the "YOU SUCK" but really nothing much nastier than that. And they were friendly to eachother. Rating: 9/10

Fan Enthusiasm: Always a good crowd at Morrone Stadium and this was no exception. Loud and raucos, and lots of them. Rating: 15/15

Event Atmosphere: It almost had the feel of a party with all the families there. And it was nice. Rating: 14/15

Atmosphere total: 38/40


Quality of Play: Both sides played well, we dominated in the first half but they played well in the second half holding us goalless. Overall a nice job. Rating: 17/20

Excitement: With us up 2-0 early, it was pretty much over. We knew we weren't letting in 2 goals. We've let in 4 all season up to this point (1 each vs. Yale, Harvard, Marquette, and Maryland). We weren't about to let in 2 in 60 minutes. But it was still fun. Rating: 7/10

Quality of UConn Play: Strong outing from the Huskies. 2 goals, and dominant defense and goalkeeping. Rating: 13/15

Result: Win 10/10

On-field: 47/50


Clarity of Fan Communication: No complaints, other than the pronunciation of sophomore (the second "o" is silent - it should be said "sof-more" not "sof-o-more". But that gives it character. Rating: 5/5

Magnitude of Event: A regular season conference game. No biggie, yet no smallie either. Rating: 10/15

Size of Crowd: After the dismal showing in our last game against BC due to the weather, I promised this rating would go up. And it did. Sold out house. Rating: 15/15

Other: 30/35

Overall rating: 115/135

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