Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Schedule Week of 9/28-10/3 2010

Here is my schedule of events I may attend this week. I will post all the ones until Sunday here, then over the weekend, I will do from next Monday. Here we go


Y= definitely (or near-definitely) attending'

P= Probably attending

M= Maybe attending

D= Doubtful to attend

If I am certainly not attending, I won't post it. If things change and I do wind up attending one of these, I will post again.

Tuesday September 28th:

Men's Soccer vs. Boston College 7:30 PM (Y)

Friday October 1st:

Women's Volleyball vs. Louisville 7:00 PM (M)

Saturday October 2nd:

Football vs. Vanderbilt 12:00 PM (Y)

Sunday October 3rd:

Softball vs. Bryant 11:00 AM (M)
Women's Volleyball vs. Cincinnati 2:00 PM (P)
Softball vs. Southern Connecticut State 3:00 PM (D)

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