Thursday, November 4, 2010

November 3rd, 2010: Men's Basketball vs. AIC

What: Men's Basketball Exhibition vs. AIC

When: Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010, 7:30 PM

Result: Win, 96-58

Summary: My first UConn basketball game ever, and what a game it was. Well, what a blowout. But that's how exhibitions work in college basketball. You pay a DII school (in this case Coach Calhoun's alma matter) a lot of money to come here and get whooped so you can practice a game. Unless you're Syracuse and you lose to LeMoyne. Anyway, in another of what I hope to be a personal tradition, I selected a "monkey" from the other team - in this case number 15 Oamel Odena. I then hollered at him as if he were a monkey, yelling things like "Ooh, the monkey's dribbling the ball" and "Monkey missed the shot". Pretty entertaining. Look for me to select a Monkey for Stony Brook and every Men's game thereafter. It will typically be a regular (probably a starter, maybe a 6th man) with long or otherwise interesting hair. And I'm looking forward to a fun season. Now on for the ratings, though remember these don't count.



Fan Friendliness: While UConn basketball has its traditions (more on that later) foul language is not among them. The worst I've seen all night was the "SUCKS" chant during the opposing starting lineup, but even that was pretty amusing. And someone got mad at me for the monkey chant, saying they "felt offended" by it, and that I should stop. So I started screaming every word I could think of that rhymes with Monkey, like saying "Hey clunky spunky chunky hunky punky.... I can't think of any other words!" But that person left two minutes later, at which point the monkey chant resumed. Rating: 9/10

Fan Enthusiasm: I said UConn had its traditions. The "First Stand" is among them. The entire arena stands until UConn gets its first points (on a free throw in this case). Then, they sit down except for the student section who will stand for the entire game (at least during live play - we sit during timeouts, halftime, etc.) Still pretty enthusiastic. Not extremely so, but hey it's an exhibition game. There's a reason these ratings don't count, and it's that they are by no means representative of the sport itself. Rating: 10/15

Event Atmosphere: I just cannot find myself getting worked up about an exhibition game. And neither could most people. While the monkey chant was fun, most of the crowd wasn't really getting into it. Rating: 8/15

Total Atmosphere rating: 27/40

On-field Rating:

Quality of Play: Considering AIC is a D-II school, they really played well, only trailing by 11 at halftime after going on a little run. And that was them playing well, rather than us playing poorly. But in the second half, they just couldn't keep up wit us. All things considered though, a good performance by both teams. Rating: 15/20

Excitement: An exhibition game AND a blowout. That's a Double Whammy for you. Really not very exciting. Rating: 3/10

Quality of UConn Play: Well, we did play well. Not too many mistakes. Rating: 9/10

Result: Win 10/10

Total on-field: 37/50

Other Rating:

Clarity of Fan Communication: The nameless PA announcer (yes, as a Yankees fan I feel the need to stress "nameless". I can name exactly 4 sports PA announcers: Bob Sheppard, Jim Hall, Paul Alden, and Renel Brooks-Moon. The first three are, in order, the greatest PA announcer in any sport ever, who worked for the Yankees for over 50 years, then his "interim" successor who PAd as a temporary replacement for Sheppard several times before taking over for him for a year and a half, then Alden who took over full-time when Sheppard officially retired. Brooks-Moon I only know because she is the SF Giants female PA announcer so I remembered her name.) Anyway, PA announcer did a good job. Of course. Rating: 5/5

Magnitude of Event: First game of the year, yes, but it was an exhibition. Be glad I'm not going to the Bridgeport game. That isn't the first game and it's an exhibition, so it would get a 0. But this at least gets some points. Rating: 2/15

Size of Crowd: Pretty full, but not nearly a sell out. It is an Exhibition, granted. Rating: 10/15

Other total: 17/30

Overall Composite Rating: 81/125


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