Saturday, November 13, 2010

November 12th, 2010: Men's Basketball vs. Stony Brook

What: Men's Basketball vs. Stony Brook

When: November 12th, 2010, 7:00 PM

Result: Win 79-52

Summary: First real game of the season. And we dominated, winning by 27, mainly because we dominated on rebounds. On a different note, "monkey" is apparently racist, so now that individual player will be the "Chilean Sea Bass" for all future games (as well as the second half of this one). Stay tuned for the CSB for future games. But we'll still use the same critera- crazy hair, crazy dude, but someone who will play. Anyway, as the first game of the season there was naturally hope in the air. We'll see how we do the rest of the way.



Fan Friendliness: Aside from calling "monkey" racist, which they may be somewhat justified in even if it wasn't my intention, very friendly crowd. Booing bad calls, but nothing out of the ordinary. Rating: 8/10

Fan Enthusiasm: Very active crowd, as they always are here at Gampel. Both students and non-students really got into it. Excellent crowd tonight. Rating: 13/15

Event Atmosphere: First game of the season always is impressive. Plus the t-shirt toss and cheerleaders and everything else. Good job. Rating: 14/15

Overall Atmosphere: 35/40


Quality of Play: We dominated, but Stony Brook basically lost the game on the rebounds. We both struggled from the field, but we got far more second chance opportunities than they did and that's why we won so big. Ultimately, though, a valiant effort by the Seawolves even if the scoreboard didn't show it, and Huskies played well too. Rating: 18/20

Excitement: Not too exciting. It was basically over with 10 minutes to go, if not sooner. Not that that was unexpected. Because it wasn't. We knew it would be a blowout, and it was. Our real tests will be in Maui 9 days from now. Rating: 5/10

Quality of UConn Play: Excellent job by the Huskies. Didn't shoot overly well but made up for it by getting second chance rebounds and buckets. Looked like a good team. Hopefully they are. Rating: 9/10

Result: Win 10/10

on-field total: 42/50


Clarity of Fan Communcication: Nice introduction of the players, and letting us know who scored and who fouled. No issues. Rating: 5/5

Magnitude of Event: I've always said opening night was overhyped. You play 30 games, and while on opening night you're probably playing a lesser team, it really is meaningless. It's not a conference game, and a loss wouldn't doom you to NIT, nor would a win ensure you will be a dominant team. That being said, there was still hype. Rating: 10/15

Size of Crowd: Looked about 80-90% full, which is normal. Rating: 13/15

Total other: 28/35

Total Overall: 105/125


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