Friday, November 12, 2010

Blog Update

Here is the latest Blog News

  • As I previously noted, the "monkey" for tonight's BB game against Stony Brook will be Guard Dave Coley. To read about the origins of the "monkey", see this post, about the exhibition vs. AIC.

  • Just basketball this weekend after a slow week. But the season is finally starting. And 24 hours of basketball next Tuesday, including our women's team on TV. Time to wake up early and watch Stony Brook take on Monmouth on ESPN (and I'm willing to guess UConn TV, Radio, Media, or someone will see that in the notes, and assume it's a typo and that the game is at 6 PM. Wouldn't doubt it)

  • Thanksgiving is the week after next. I will be leaving campus around noon Saturday the 20th, and coming back afternoon on Friday. Which means I'll miss the hockey game vs. AIC Saturday Night but not much else.

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